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Orocovis Church 1920s

Historical Facts

Juan de Rivera y Santiago, founder of Orocovis


Don Juan Rivera de Santiago founded the town of Barros (today Orocovis) on November 10, 1825. He donated the land where downtown is located today and was our first War Lieutenant (mayor).

The lands used for the new town were the neighborhoods:
- Orocovis of Barranquitas
- Barros of Morovis

The town's original name was Barros, name that was used for more than a century. In 1928 it was changed to Orocovis.


Where does the name Orocovis come from?

From the Taino chief Orocobix, who's yucayeque (village) was located in what is today the neighborhood of  Palo Hincado in Barranquitas and ruled the zones of present day Barranquitas, Orocovis and Aibonito. That region was called Jatibonicu.

More history...

NOTE: Some sections are meant for locals only and were not translated

Founders of Orocovis

The Founders

A list of some of the people who participated in the founding process

Streets of Orocovis

Downtown Streets

Explanation of the names of our streets that have some relationship with our history

Church of Orocovis

The Church / Parish

Brief history of the different versions of the downtown church

Carving of Saints Orocovis

Wood Carving of Saints

...and Celestino Avilés Meléndez

Fire of Orocovis

The Fire of 1875

The tragedy that almost makes downtown disappear

Mango Orocovis

The Sentinel

The most beloved symbol

in our town


Meaning of the Orocovis flag

1. The green and blue stripes represent Jatibonicu, the region of ​​the Taino chief Orocobix :
- Orocovis (blue)
- Barranquitas and Aibonito (green)

​2. The white stripes represent the two original neighborhoods with which the town was founded in 1825:
- Orocovis
- Barros

3. Each peak of the sun represents one of our 17 neighborhoods.

4. The oval represents the “O” of the name Orocovis.


Geographic Center of Puerto Rico

In 2002, engineer Linda Vélez, together with her work team from the Mayagüez University Campus of the UPR, took on the task of defining the location of the center of Puerto Rico (main island), which they found in the Pellejas neighborhood and was declared The Natural Reserve of the Geographic Center of Puerto Rico.

Other basic

Current mayor

Hon. Jesús E. (Gardy) Colón Berlingeri


We are mainly known for the longaniza (sausage) thanks to our oldest restaurant in Orocovis, La Sombra.

Orocovis anthem

Composed by Celestino Avilés Burgos (listen to it here)

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